Campaign Management Software

Right product, right eyes, right time

Schedule campaigns with precision, control your catalog using a rule-based system, and tailor visibility to match audience needs. Be sure that the perfect product consistently attracts the right attention. Cropink ads management software is all you need to reach your audience.

Campaign Management Software

Control campaign, feel always up to date.

Stay ahead using our cutting-edge campaign manager. Time your campaigns with precision, automatically refine your catalog, update your data hourly, select optimal designs, and customize with distinctive styles.

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Rules-based Catalog Management

Campaign Management Tool - Ads Right On Time

Elevate your product catalog management with automated rules. With a set of predefined criteria, ensure that your catalog highlights the most relevant products, enhancing the efficiency of your campaigns.

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Hourly Updates

Update campaigns as your product data changes.

Hourly Updates

Keep your campaigns fresh and relevant by updating them as your product data evolves. Respond rapidly to inventory changes, price adjustments, or new arrivals to maintain accurate and timely promotions.

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Precisely plan and automate campaign timings.

Marketing Campaign Management Tool With Scheduler

Improve your campaign management with Scheduler. Gain comprehensive control over timing, allowing you to plan in advance and automate the launch and conclusion of campaigns. This ensures your campaigns go live effortlessly at the most impactful moments, all without the need for constant manual oversight.

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Pick your style

Customize your campaigns with predefined styles.

Campaign Management Tool With Templates

Enhance the look and feel of your campaigns effortlessly using predefined styles. Choose from a variety of designs or set up your own style that best align with your brand and campaign message, ensuring a cohesive and compelling presentation.

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Right designs for the right products

Take Care of Visuals With Campaign Management Software

Elevate your campaign visuals by pairing the right designs with the right products, all from a single product feed file. This feature simplifies the process, eliminating the need for multiple inputs while still achieving diverse and targeted visuals.

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