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What payment methods do you offer?

We support payment through credit card and Paypal. Invoicing and purchase orders are only available with our Business plan.

How does Cropink differ from other graphic design tools in the market?

Cropink stands out by being purpose-built for the efficient creation of product ads, particularly Dynamic Product Ads (DPA). While other graphic design tools cater to a broad spectrum, Cropink focuses on streamlining the process of generating eye-catching, dynamic ads tailored for various products.

What file formats does Cropink support for uploading and exporting designs?

Cropink simplifies the design process with readily available Figma templates. To start, all you need is a link to your product data file (Google PLA). Cropink transforms this data into a modified product data feed file, complete with optimized images ready for immediate use in Dynamic Product Ads (DPA) across platforms.

Is there a mobile app available for Cropink, or is it desktop-only?

Currently, Cropink is optimized for desktop use, ensuring a seamless and feature-rich experience for users engaging in the creation and modification of product ads.

Can I collaborate with clients who don't have a Cropink account?

Absolutely! Collaborate seamlessly by inviting clients and team members who may not have a Cropink account. Manage and work together within the same account while assigning distinct roles to maintain clarity and control.

What integrations does Cropink offer with other tools and platforms?

Cropink integrates smoothly with Figma, providing a powerful and user-friendly environment for editing templates. This integration enhances the creative workflow, allowing for efficient template customization.

Is there a limit to the number of designs or projects I can create on Cropink?

Cropink believes in flexibility. There's no predefined limit to the number of designs or projects you can create. The pricing structure adjusts based on the number of products modified within each project, ensuring fairness and scalability.

Is there a customer support team available, and how can I reach them in case of issues or questions?

For any support inquiries or questions, the Cropink team is ready to assist. Reach out to support@cropink.com, and our dedicated support team will provide prompt assistance and guidance.

Product feed

How can I seamlessly connect my data source to Cropink?

Connecting your data source to Cropink is a straightforward process. Utilizing the Google PLA standard, you can effortlessly integrate your inventory with our platform. Simply share the link to your product catalog and follow our intuitive interface to establish a smooth data flow from your inventory to Cropink.

How to enhance product images with dynamic elements based on data?

Cropink allows you to elevate your product images by incorporating dynamic elements based on your product data. You can easily boost your images with tailored designs, adding details such as titles or prices directly to product images used by DPA. This not only enhances the visual appeal of your images but also provides customers with immediate insights at a glance.

What product data standard is supported by Cropink?

Cropink supports the Google PLA (Product Listing Ads) standard for product data.

Will my product and ads data be safe when connecting with Cropink?

Absolutely. Cropink prioritizes data privacy and provides support for a wide range of authorization methods. This ensures the secure connection of your data source, keeping your product and ad data confidential and protected.

What are the key benefits of using Cropink for my dynamic product ads?

Cropink offers numerous benefits for your dynamic product ads. It provides seamless data flow, supports the integration of dynamic elements into your images, prioritizes data privacy, and ensures that your product data stays up to date across all desired channels.

What features are included in the freemium offer?

Our freemium offer includes up to 100 products from your catalog for free, allowing you to fully explore Cropink's potential without any financial commitment. This risk-free introduction enables you to experience all the features and capabilities of our platform with no strings attached.

Can I preview a single product image before they go live in my campaigns?

Certainly! Cropink allows you to preview each of your products individually before they go live in your campaigns. This feature ensures that everything looks exactly as you want it, eliminating surprises and providing you with full control over your visual content.

How does Cropink allow users to add dynamic data to their product photos, and what information can be included?

Cropink enables users to add dynamic data to their product photos, enhancing their visual appeal. The full list of parameters that can be passed into the final creations is as follow: title image_link price_original sale_price_original price_full_no_currency sale_price_full_no_currency price_part_before_decimal price_part_after_decimal sale_price_part_before_decimal sale_price_part_after_decimal currency additional_image_link_0 additional_image_link_1 additional_image_link_2 additional_image_link_3 additional_image_link_4 additional_image_link_5 additional_image_link_6 additional_image_link_7 additional_image_link_8 additional_image_link_9 brand product_type size color custom_label_0 custom_label_1 custom_label_2 custom_label_3 custom_label_4

Teams and projects

How can I manage multiple teams and projects while using Cropink?

Cropink makes managing multiple teams and projects seamless by providing a centralized dashboard where you can easily navigate between teams and projects. The intuitive interface allows for efficient organization and oversight of various initiatives.

Can I assign different roles to each team member within Cropink?

Yes, Cropink provides role-based access control, allowing you to assign different roles to each team member. This ensures that team members have the appropriate permissions and access levels, enhancing security and collaboration. While keeping everyone in your organization in-loop and with the right resources at hand.

Tell me about the brand kit feature in Cropink. How does it work on both brand and project levels?

Cropink's brand kit allows you to maintain a consistent brand identity. At the brand level, you can set overarching brand guidelines, while at the project level, you can customize elements to align with specific project requirements. This ensures brand consistency while accommodating project-specific needs

What is the pricing based on when working on multiple teams and various clients?

Cropink's pricing is transparent and is based on the number of products modified within each project. You are billed only for the products that have been actively modified or worked on within a project. This unique approach ensures that you are charged based on the actual content modifications and customization, providing a fair and cost-effective billing model.

Can I share the assets across multiple projects within the account in Cropink?

Absolutely! Cropink allows you to share assets seamlessly across multiple projects within the same account. This feature streamlines asset management and ensures that your creative elements are easily accessible, consistent and reusable whenever needed.

Is there a limit to the number of teams and projects I can manage on Cropink?

Cropink is designed to scale with your needs. There's no predefined limit to the number of teams you have. Each team has an unlimited number of projects as well. You can manage everything from one account for your organization if needed.

What roles are possible for my team members?

Right now we have defined 3 main roles that can be assigned within each team: - Team Owner: Owner can invite and delete team members. Also manages everything that is related to payments. Can modify all content within the projects assigned to the team. - Team Editor: Can modify all content within the projects assigned to the team. - Team Viewer: Can view all content within the projects assigned to the team. Cannot modify any content.

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