Dynamic Templates: Create Customized Product Ads

Your Very Own Social Ads Catalog

Experience the power of customization and efficiency with our Dynamic Templates, turning your unique social ads vision into a stunning, engaging reality. Explore a diverse catalog, embrace intuitive design features, and create impactful ads that resonate with your audience and amplify your brand's message.

Dynamic Templates: Create Customized Product Ads

Data-responsive Templates

Create appealing ads leveraging a fusion of effortless customization, comprehensive catalog access, and seamless brand integration, all tailored to your unique data-driven needs.

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Perfectly adapts to your product data

Templates with Auto-layout

With our Auto-layout feature, templates automatically adjust their structures based on your product data, guaranteeing a clean and attractive layout every time. This intelligent design capability means no manual tweaking and more efficiency, allowing you to maintain a high-quality, professional look across all your ads.

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Long-text handling in standard

Truncate feature

The truncate feature automatically cuts overlapping titles and descriptions within your templates. It saves you from flaws when you trigger your campaigns at scale, ensuring your designs stay clear and neat.

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The Only Catalog You Need

Explore, Find, Create

Expansive Ad Catalog

The catalog offers an extensive range of well-categorized templates, ensuring you find the perfect selection for your campaigns. Rich in variety and simple to navigate, it's designed to streamline your ad creation process, saving you time and enhancing your marketing effectiveness.

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Layout Variants

Layout options for varied orientations and styles, enhancing flexibility and freshness

Choose From Many Layout Variants

The variants give a variety of choices from horizontal to vertical orientations and a variety of styles. It lets you tailor your ads to different image formats and styles for each product. The flexibility you get ensures that your ads always look fresh and are optimized to bring an even more professional look.

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Cropink Templates ❤️ Your Brand

Brand colors and logos across all your ads.

Dynamic Templates With Your Brand Kit

Integrate your brand identity into every ad by integrating your colors and logos from the brand kit. This feature enhances brand consistency and recognition, enabling you to create a cohesive and professional image carefree.

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Figma Integration

Use Figma for Advanced Customization

Dynamic Templates in Figma

Extend your creative possibilities with Figma Integration, allowing you to open and edit templates in Figma for further customization. This advanced feature empowers you with unparalleled flexibility. It's perfect for creating unique and sophisticated ads that stand out.

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Blend Mode Support

Elevate your ad's aesthetics limitless

Various Blending Options

Blend mode support introduces an extra layer of creativity to your ad designs. It brings various blending options that add depth and visual interest. This sophisticated function enables you to produce more dynamic and visually striking ads, enhancing their impact and appeal.

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Childlike Easy Tweaks

Intuitive built-in editor for effortless and fun customization

Easy-To-Use Editor

Cropink's editor strikes the perfect balance between ease of use and professional capabilities. It's packed with straightforward tools that make tweaking styles and fine-tuning your designs a smooth process. The editor guides you through each step, ensuring that creating professional-looking ads is both fun and straightforward, even for those new to design.

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