Figma Plugin for Product Ads Design

Craft DPA Designs with Data from Your Product Feed

Harness the power of Meta's catalog data to craft unique dynamic product ads. Effortlessly integrate and align design elements like text and images with Meta's extensive product fields. Stay current, stay customized, and effortlessly elevate your brand presence.

Figma Plugin for Product Ads Design

Custom designs with dynamic data magic

Make it happen with direct Figma-Cropink linking, sophisticated style and element mapping, real-time previews, customizable templates, and advanced image fitting capabilities surpassing Figma's native options.

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Connect Cropink to Figma

Get two-way integration between Figma designs and Cropink projects.

Cropink integration with Figma

Experience the seamless integration of Cropink with Figma, where custom designs meet dynamic data magic. Our two-way integration ensures a direct link between Figma designs and Cropink projects, offering sophisticated style and element mapping, real-time previews, customizable templates, and advanced image fitting capabilities.

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Design Elements Mapping

Map Figma texts and images to prices, titles, and other product parameters.

Map Product Parameters

Seamlessly align Figma texts and images with critical product parameters such as prices, titles, and more. Elevate your design game by ensuring that every detail in your ads corresponds to the dynamic data of your product, creating ads that are not only visually stunning but also incredibly relevant.

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Styles Mapping

Align custom design elements with Cropink swappable styles.

Manage Styles

Bring your design vision to life with Cropink's Styles Mapping—where customization meets precision. Align custom design elements in Figma with Cropink's swappable styles, allowing for effortless integration and dynamic customization. Making your ads not just visually striking but also consistently on-brand.

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Product Data Always Fit

Figma auto layout and truncate support

Integration With Dynamic Designs

Take advantage of the power of Figma's auto layout and truncate support, ensuring that your product data seamlessly integrates into your dynamic designs. Enjoy a hassle-free design process where elements adjust dynamically, providing a polished and professional look to your ads.

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See directly in Figma how your mapped design looks with your connected data

Real-Time Preview

Witness your mapped designs come to life directly in Figma, offering a real-time glimpse of how your custom design elements align with connected data. Effortlessly visualize the harmony between your design and dynamic product data, ensuring a flawless and accurate representation before your ads go live.

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Use Cropink templates as a starting point for your custom designs.

Templates for Custom Designs

Utilize our curated collection of templates as the perfect starting point for your custom designs. Whether you're a seasoned designer or just starting, Cropink templates provide a solid foundation, offering inspiration and efficiency to craft dynamic and visually stunning product ads.

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Advanced Image Fitting

Go beyond Figma native capabilities for image fitting.

Make Perfect Product Ad Visuals

Our Figma plugin empowers you to precisely align and adjust images within your dynamic product ads. Fine-tune image dimensions, ensuring a perfect fit for every creative. The advanced image fitting feature is designed to meet the demands of dynamic product ads, ensuring not only eye-catching visuals but also perfect integration for maximum impact.

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